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There will come a time in your life and mine when hard choices need to be made—when circumstances outside our control create necessity for action.

It's then that we most need to Do the Next Right Thing.

When there is no perfect solution in sight, and the next decision doesn't remove the fog, what can be done?

Do the Next Right Thing is a guidebook about thriving in the mess. There may not be a singular, comprehensive fix for your difficult circumstance. But you can choose that next increment of wisdom, or the next attitude of receptivity. God is in this process. He is there in the thickets of life. He is moving you toward His ultimate purpose, while you Do the Next Right Thing one step at a time by lamplight.

Now Do the Next Right Thing: The Experience is available as a video-assisted small group adventure.

It's FREE! It's all right here.

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Do the Next Right Thing

Fortify your confidence even when the outcome is murky. By God's grace and guidance you can choose the kind of person you will be in any situation.

You can do what is necessary, true, and small. In the process you will see God at work, and find yourself developing resilience.

You will rediscover hope in God, and companionship with fellow travelers.

Do the Next Right Thing provides a template for every spiritual journey.

Whether in crisis or everyday life, decisions made today will affect tomorrow.

Doing the next right thing is a clear, street-level application of wisdom for navigating all of life's challenges.

Read the book, and use the Resources provided to launch your small group adventure!

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