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Do the next right thing

Roger Thompson


Roger Thompson is committed to serving pastors and leaders in the communities surrounding Apple Valley. As a trained Man in the Mirror expert in men's discipleship, Roger guides pastors and leaders through a comprehensive strategy to reach and disciple all of their men because every man discipled impacts a marriage, family, workplace and community. Discipleship changes everything!

Roger Thompson lives in Apple Valley (Minneapolis), MN and serves as the Area Director for the Twin Cities South Coalition for Men's Discipleship. He was born in Winona Lake, Indiana and grew up in Colorado. After graduating, from Westmont College, and later from Denver Seminary, Roger served as a pastor for forty years. Roger is a speaker for Family Life's “Weekends to Remember” and has recently authored a book entitled Do the Next Right Thing. Roger enjoys long tandem bike rides with his “stoker”/wife and they have two married daughters with raucous houses full of grandchildren for whom he makes furniture and toys. A marriage metaphor from the tandem: when you pedal in harmony there is twice the power with half the wind resistance. If you are not cooperating there is half the power and twice the resistance!

If you would like Roger to speak at an event or a retreat, please contact him at rogerthompson@maninthemirror.org

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